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China Engineering machinery products orverall descreasing on import and export o

China Engineering machinery products orverall descreasing on import and export of 2016

In 2016, according to data collected by the customs general administration, China construction machinery import and export trade volume of $20.277 billion, down 9.26% year-on-year.The import amount is $3.317 billion, fell 1.50% year on year;Export amount is $16.96 billion, fell 10.6% year on year, the trade surplus of $13.644 billion, compared with the narrow $1.968 billion.

Exports, due to the overall demand in the international market, Chinese engineering machinery product exports in 2016 to 1998 years, in addition to the international financial crisis led to the 2009 China engineering machinery products exports dropped substantially outside the highest drop.
In the major categories of products, according to the export quantity statistics: excavator, paver, more than 100 tons of truck crane, forklift trucks, concrete machinery, tunnel boring machine, elevator and escalator, drilling machinery and pneumatic tools export growth, loaders, bulldozers, road machinery, construction crane and other construction crane, off-road dump truck fell.Export amount according to the statistics: paver, forklift, the rest of the categories of products exports are falling.Forklift, electric forklift export value increased by 31.9% and 20.2% respectively, internal combustion forklift truck exports were 14.4% and 2.70% respectively compared to the same value.Electric forklift, large-tonnage truck crane, and other products export situation is good.
Engineering machinery parts export $6.064 billion in 2016, fell 5.79% year on year, accounting for 35.8% of the total exports.Export machine $10.895 billion, fell 13.1% year on year.


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