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XCMG leads the construction work for the 2016 Rio Olympic venues

Among the construction machinery brands on the building sites of Rio Olympic venues XCMG is the biggest cohort, accounting for more than half of the equipment in terms of units. Cranes and concrete machine in particular, compose of 80% in that category. From the XCMG Group, more than 1000 units of earthmoving machinery took part in the building of Olympic venues, more than 300 units of rollers were used for the construction of affiliated infrastructure, more than 500 units of cranes for hoisting construction, more than 200 units of aerial working platform for interior hoisting, the total number of XCMG equipment busy working across the Olympic working sites reached over 2000. Currently, XCMG products are sold to 176 countries and regions, last year鈥檚 overseas revenue account for 30% of the Group鈥檚 total revenue. It is ranked 9th in the yellow table and is the only Chinese enterprise that entered top 10.


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