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XCMG ranks the first of exporting brand among "the Belt and Road Initiatives”

Customs data show that in 2016, xugong to exports of Africa, the Middle East and central Asia in allows foreign export brand first, it is also the first time Chinese brand export these regions more than foreign brand!

The Delivery Ceremony of XCMG Products

Africa, west Asia, north Africa and central Asia has always been the hot spot of the engineering machinery export market, is also a Chinese brand has been the focus of the market.But, over the past few decades, the market has been foreign brand presence.

XCMG Machinery working in North Africa

In recent years, the China construction machinery represented by xugong brand, with excellent product quality, and constantly improve the market layout and the good service and spare parts system, enhance market share in the region.In addition, xugong, and other enterprises with the combination of Chinese engineering contracting enterprises, by rail, ports, mining, municipal construction, and many other overseas engineering, shows the locals reliability and stability of the made in China.The xugong exports more than foreign brand in the area, can be said to be a Chinese brand to the successful model of foreign brand sniper, is made in China go out another victory!

Good Service and traning  on the spot

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