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Remarkable achievements of XCMG in the high-end market of Europe and US

After the first XCMG drilling rig was exported to US in March, the XCMG horizontal drilling machine realized its first sale in US as well. The model XZ680A horizontal drilling machine meet the EPAT4F emission requirement of the North American market, and passed the CE certification and the certification of North America. The sale of XZ680A has groundbreaking significance for XCMG brand in the North American market.

Europe and America are the two high-end market for excavators, they are known to have very stringent technical requirements. With reliable product performance and excellent word-of-mouth from customer, XCMG got the order for 10 units of XE360U by US market, which added a brilliant stroke to the brand鈥檚 internationalization.

13 units of XCMG rollers, model CV123U, are exported to North America. This model or vibratory roller is tailor-made for the North American customer by XCMG. It was highly recognized for its excellent compaction efficiency and reliability. It will greatly attribute to establishment of XCMG brand in North America.


The XCMG mine grader GR300 reached its destination of European continent after more than 10 days of sea voyage, which became the first ever order delivered to this market.


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