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China Machine products exported to countries other than Europe, US, Japan, and S

Machine products are exported to countries other than Europe, US, Japan, and South Korea, US, Japan and South Korea become the major markets for construction machinery parts and components. Parts and components account for 59.4%, 93.4%, 43.7% ,respectively, of their total exports value. Australia and India follow closely with 42.15% and 37.6% respectively.

The main destinations countries for excavators are led by Thailand and Philippines, followed by US and India; major export countries for wheel loaders include Turkey, Russia, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam and Indonesia; bulldozes are exported to Russia and Philippines; Rollers to US, Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines; cranes to Vietnam, Venezuela, Singapore, Indonesia, India and Philippines; tower cranes to South Korea, Vietnam and Malaysia; fork-lifts to US, Australia, Thailand, South Korea and Turkey; concrete machines to Vietnam, Philippines and Indonesia; tunnel boring machines to Singapore.

Given the current situation, it is not difficult to see the restructuring trend of the global market, exports of traditional products are falling, whilst high-tech products that meet the changing demand of the new markets are increasing in exports. Under the circumstances, China should accelerate the structural reform in the supply side, closely follow the trend of global market, improve the level of product quality and function, widen the portfolio of high-tech products that are more in demand by the market, in order to counter the impact by the decline in exports of tradition products.


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