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Fall in the exports of major categories, rise in some high-end products

According to the statistics, among the major categories of products, increase in the exported unites is seen in excavators, pavers, fork-lifts, concrete machinery, tunnel boring machines, off-road tippers; those who decline include wheel loaders, bulldozers, graders, other road maintenance machines, cranes and construction cranes, drilling machines and pneumatic tools, elevators and escalators. In terms of value of exports: only that of fork-lifts and tunnel-boring machines increased, whilst that of all the other categories fell. In fork-lifts, the exported units and exported value of electric fork-lifts increased by 27.4% and 12.4% respectively. Diesel fork-lifts see an increase of 9.33% in exported units and a decrease of 9.14% in exported value.

Regional market structure changes, demand in some Asian countries is growing.

Among the major regional economies, exports to the EU, South Korea and India were up 4.77%, 0.99%, 9.09%, respectively. Exports to the United States, Hongkong, Japan, ASEAN, Russia and Africa, decreased by 15%, 50.8%, 13.2%, 8.25%, 24%, 26.4%,, respectively. Exports to EU surpassed that to US, making the two swap place among the list of export markets for construction machinery. In the meantime, exports to ASEAN surpassed that to Africa and Latin America, making ASEAN replace Africa and Latin America to be the number one market.


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