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Global market losing momentum, a widening gap in the exports of China鈥檚 construc

The first half of 2016, apart from March, the remaining months all witnessed a two digit percentage drop, with monthly exports no more than USD1.5 billion. In stark contrast are the numbers of 2015, which saw USD1.38 billion for March, and exports numbers more than USD1.5 billion for all the remaining months. From the quarterly perspective, exports of first quarter is USD3.968 billion, down by 15% compared with last year; second quarter is USD4.305 billion, down by 16.6%, a bigger decline compared with the first quarter. 

The above numbers paints a picture of the reality: a weak global commodity market, under-invested infrastructure, obstacles facing the new economies, fluctuation in currency rates, and unstable regional security all combine to impact the market development of 2016 and the many years after it.


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